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Vocal Lessons

“Connect, Feel & Sing”


A holistic approach to human voice, combining Modern Vocal Training, body/mind relaxation and breathing techniques.

Suitable for teenagers and adults, all levels welcome. Available online or in person (Virginia/Dublin).


I truly believe that everyone has potential to sing, that our voice is our natural gift for self-expression, and when treated with care, love and respect, it will repay us with the same. Trusting our voice means trusting ourselves.


In a 45 min. session I will take you on a journey in which we will discover your abilities and will go beyond your limits. You’re going to breathe and sing, but most of all you’re going to connect with your true essence through one of the most loving acts of self-care – through allowing your voice to become the best version of itself.


All techniques used in sessions are adapted to client’s abilities and needs.

Voice Workshops

Heart Singing Circle is a social gathering designed to connect with others through singing. Everyone who feels desire to sing together is welcome. We meet in a very casual atmosphere. Our songs are short, easy to learn, joyful, uplifting and heart connecting.

Singing Circle is a great way to organize your birthday party or bonfire.

If you would like to have Singing Circle at your special day, send me a message through the contact form.


Heart Voice Release is a group workshop designed to discover and release your voice in a group setting. In a few hour session you will sing, move your body, and go beyond your comfort zone. You will be brave, silly, childlike, bold, joyful, but most of all you will be yourself.

This workshop is designed for all adults who want to strengthen their self-esteem through vocal expression.

Voice Release Sessions

“Free yourself through freeing your voice”


Created to liberate your voice which through unfortunate circumstances became silent, shy and blocked. Intuitive vocal expression helps to reveal suppressed emotions and to speak your own truth without shame and fear.


In a 60 min. session combining breathing techniques, connecting with your inner child, working with positive affirmations and using various sounds, I will help you to release your voice. This session is for everybody who feels their voice is trapped.


Adults only. Available only in person (Virginia/Dublin).

πŸŽ…π‚π‡π‘πˆπ’π“πŒπ€π’ π’πˆππ†πˆππ† π‹π„π’π’πŽππ’ π•πŽπ”π‚π‡π„π‘πŸŽ…
β˜ƒοΈLooking for a unique Christmas gift for someone special?
Give them a gift that’ll have them singing from the heart ❀️
A 30-minute lesson from me is the perfect way to get a loved one excited about singing. I can also add a certificate of completion – just add an extra €5.
One 30 min lesson – €20
Three 30 min lessons – €60
Five 30 min lessons – €100
Or a package of 5 x 45 minutes lessons, and the sixth lesson for free! €150
I’m a qualified vocal coach and singer who teaches teenagers and adults.
To purchase, email
Lessons are available online or in person in Virginia, Co. Cavan


My name is Sandra Maria and my life is dedicated to singing and working with voice.


I’m a vocalist, who after years of passionless singing, has learned how to sing freely from the heart and really enjoy it. I’m a certified Modern Vocal Training coach whose teaching methods combine holistic and contemporary voice training techniques. I’m a facilitator of various voice and singing workshops. I’m also a friend who can help you to find your own voice and build singing confidence coming from the authentic passion of your heart.


Welcome to the land of Heart Singing.


Sandra Maria.

Music & Projects

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Voice Workshops